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Wexford Labs’ roots go back to 1973, when the founder Owen Flynn had the desire to develop safer disinfectants to help protect caregivers, staff and patients in the healthcare environment. The unique level of safety and efficacy associated with Wexford disinfectants created demand outside of healthcare; education facilities, prisons, agricultural businesses and the personal care industry adopted the utilization of Wexford Labs disinfectants.

Today, Wexford Labs has maintained its tradition in its culture and values. We are challenged each day to find a way to differentiate our offerings from the plethora of alternatives in the market. In meeting the demands of our partners and customers we felt the need to rebrand the company…today we are Wexford Innovations. The focus on safety and efficacy is at the forefront of everything Wexford does today with a higher level of imagination. Our approach is still unique and innovative, demanding the highest performance from our team to equip our strategic partners with a differentiating product.

Our future success will be dictated by our ability to listen, evolve, innovate, and work collaboratively with partners who have the desire to promote change and make a difference. Our people are an integral part of our future as they elevate Wexford to the next level with their commitment to unparalleled customer service and education.

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