Wex-Pro #2 Neutral Cleaner Concentrate

Sizes: 4 / 64 oz cartridges (1/2 gallons) per Case

Wex-Pro #2 Neutral Cleaner Concentrate is a highly concentrated liquid neutral cleaner that is diluted at 1 part concentrate per 128 parts water. This means that a single ounce of the concentrate makes one gallon of use dilution neutral cleaner.

  • All purpose, controlled sudsing, biodegradable
  • Effective, mild, economical

Features of the Wex-Pro system

  1. Quick installation
  2. Easy to operate with numbered color-coded products
  3. Provides low flow for quart bottles and high flow for bucket and automatic scrubbers.
  4. Ideal for those locations that require a small flexible dispenser. The compact size allows it to go where other dispensers do not fit
  5. Wex-Pro dispensers deliver quality products packaged in unique half-gallon containers that interchange quickly to dispense different cleaning products at precise dilutions
  • Designed for all types of floor, wall, and equipment cleaning.
  • Use in both low- and high-pressure washers
  • The low viscosity makes it particularly well suited for syphon-type manual and automatic spray washing equipment
  • For use in Industrial Auto-Scrubbers, Steam Cleaners and Power Washers, Floor Mopping and Manual Cleaning

Directions for use

Automatic Floor Scrubbers: Use Wex-Pro #2, Neutral Cleaner Concentrate (1 ounce is dispensed into each gallon of water) for cleaning vinyl, vinyl asbestos, asphalt, rubber and other resilient floors. Wex-Pro #2 also works excellently on terrazzo, ceramic tiles, concrete and other hard surfaces.

Pressure Washers and Spray Cleaners: Use Wex-Pro #2, Neutral Cleaner Concentrate in both low and high pressure washers. The low viscosity makes it particularly well suited or siphon type, manual and automatic spray washing equipment.

Floor Mopping and Manual Cleaning: Use Wex-Pro #2, Neutral Cleaner Concentrate for all mopping, damp mopping and manual cleaning. Because Wex-Pro #2 is a Neutral Cleaner Concentrate, it is free of harmful alkalies, acids and abrasives. Therefore, it can be used on all surfaces and is very mild to the skin.